Peoria HOA Management Services

Peoria has seen strong growth with a population boom and has quickly become a popular market for home builders. With this growth and maturation, more new and existing communities are establishing homeowners associations (HOAs). Boards of directors and leadership are responsible for managing those HOAs and making sure they are running smoothly.

Managing an efficient and effective HOA can be a monumental task. That leaves volunteer leaders and boards of directors with the job of hiring and firing vendors, collecting assessments HOA fees, enforcing rules, and making sure money is being properly spent and budgeted for. This can be difficult and time-consuming work, but City Property Management can help your Peoria HOA run seamlessly.

City Property Management and What We Do

City Property Management is a forward-thinking, Arizona-based management company that assists HOAs with important functions to help their communities run smoothly. Our services encompass both administrative and operational management, so City Property Management can help you manage both the business side and member services side of your Peoria HOA.

Our administrative management services help HOAs relieve the pressures of worrying about assessment fee collection and bookkeeping. When you turn to our management system, you will have full range access to all our resources and locally-based professionals who will take care of a large portion of administrative work, including, but not limited to:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Recommendations for attorneys and management of legal counsel
  • CC&R enforcement
  • Online setup for bill-pay
  • Community announcements and communications
  • HOA board round tables
  • Collections processes

To remove the pressures of accounting and bookkeeping records, we have in-house accountants who will track and organize your members’ payment records. We also provide technology platforms that enable easy HOA announcements and streamlined payments for HOA fees. With these and the many other types of services City Property Management provides, you will not need to worry about taking care of these tasks on your own.

We also manage all community vendors so you will not need to worry about outsourcing any maintenance or cleaning jobs to other companies. These vendors service any amenity or project your HOA needs including:

  • Pool services
  • Handyman services such as plumbing, electrical, or structural repairs
  • Cleaning services such as janitorial services for clubhouses and other amenities
  • Landscaping

The Best Choice for Your Peoria HOA Management

Many HOAs struggle with organizing all the duties and responsibilities they need to perform to keep track of residents’ needs and the financial aspects of their Peoria HOA. Whether you need administrative help or are looking to streamline your workflow, City Property Management offers all the services your HOA needs to run effectively. As a management company that has provided services to Arizona HOAs for the past 40 years, hiring us means tapping into a vast pool of institutional knowledge to help your community succeed.

When you need HOA management services in Peoria for your association on, call us at 602.437.4777 or email us at to discuss the services we can provide that are right for you.