Paradise Valley HOA Management Services

Paradise Valley is a small affluent enclave nestled by Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain outside of Phoenix. Paradise Valley is known for luxury estates, golf courses and high-end resorts. Paradise Valley, also commonly referred to as PV, is one of the most exclusive housing and tourism destinations in the country.

Paradise Valley also has homeowners associations (HOAs) that help planned communities who put a premium on clean, safe and vibrant neighborhoods. Many Paradise Valley HOAs, whether they are new or more established, often find the duties of HOA management very cumbersome or frustrating at times. At City Property Management, we can help lift those burdens with full-service, proven HOA management services.

City Property Management can handle hiring maintenance and repair vendors to service your HOA’s common areas, community facilities and landscaping. We also have dedicated staff to enforce CC&R standards, collect and budget HOA fees correctly and provide accounting services.

We are an Arizona-based, full-service HOA management company with a proven track record that serves more than 300 communities statewide. By choosing City Property Management to manage your HOA, you will be able to spend your time and efforts on HOA items that matter the most while we handle the rest.

How We Help Paradise Valley Homeowners Associations

City Property Management provides a full range of services for your HOAs administrative and management operations. We handle the logistics and day-to-day tasks for your HOA allowing you and your leadership to focus on bigger issues related to your community’s quality of life.

City Property Management will provide services and manage vendors at your community to provide:

  • Various repairs including electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems
  • Amenity maintenance for pools, parks, or clubhouses
  • In house accounting and bookkeeping
  • CC&R enforcement
  • Collecting membership fees and accounting for their appropriation
  • Warnings and collection notices for overdue fees
  • Recommending legal counsel and managing their services
  • Training for HOA boards
  • Technology platforms to assist HOA online bill pay and sending announcements

All these services streamline your HOA’s hiring and outsourcing processes, so instead of needing to worry about managing several companies, you will simply coordinate with us. City Property Management and our dedicated experienced staff will do the rest.

Why To Consider Our Paradise Valley HOA Management

When you are looking to provide the best services to members of your HOA, there is no better management company you can rely on. City Property Management offers 40 years of experience helping homeowners associations exclusively and with amazing success. In addition to our vast experience and customer service, we also provide cutting edge advancements in the HOA world such as technology integrations, all with an attention to detail no matter which service we are providing you. With City Property, you will be able to tap into our resources and make sure your HOA is managed in a way that sets you up for success.

Let Us Manage Your HOA

Turning over your Paradise Valley HOA management to us will help lift your community. Spend your time and efforts on the things that matter the most and contact us today at 602.437.4777 or to see how our management services in Paradise Valley are right for you.