Queen Creek HOA Management Services

Queen Creek is a fast-growing city in the East Valley that continues to see new homes and communities as it expands. Queen Creek is also developing a strong restaurant and culinary scene that are attracting new residents. As more new residents move to Queen Creek and new homes continue to sprout, the community has seen more homeowners associations (HOAs) formed.

HOAs help Queen Creek communities run more smoothly and efficiently. But running and managing an HOA can be time-consuming and complex. There are plenty of potential stresses for HOA leaders as they manage members, the facilities, and deal with the complexities of the governing documents and finances. This where City Property Management can help you and your Queen Creek HOA.

Our HOA management service will help your community run smoothly.

What We Do As Your HOA Management Company

City Property Management provides your HOA with professional management and services that would generally be outsourced to many different vendors and contractors. Arizona-based City Property will run the administrative operations of your HOA. We also provide your residents with the services your HOA values most. We manage all service vendors to streamline the entire management system, freeing up a lot of time for your HOA leadership or board of directors

We have two separate types of services we provide. The first is administrative and the second is maintenance. City Property Management helps HOA leadership guide their community without needing to personally oversee all operations. Some of the administrative duties we cover with our experienced professionals include:

  • Accountants and bookkeeping professionals
  • Recommendations for legal counsel and management of their services
  • CC&R enforcement to ensure residents are following HOA rules
  • Technology platforms providing your HOA with bill pay where members can pay monthly fees or dues
  • Collections for those who fail to submit their HOA fees
  • HOA board round tables for newer HOA boards of directors.

HOAs spend a lot of time and money maintaining community facilities and ensuring all common areas look beautiful. City Property Management’s maintenance services include management of qualified and diligent vendors and contractors. Some of these maintenance services vendors handle include:

  • Pool services
  • Cleaning facilities such as clubhouses and fitness centers
  • Large scale projects such as roof replacements
  • Landscaping and turf maintenance

HOA Management in Queen Creek

Unlike other management companies, City Property Management is unique. We work exclusively with more than 300 HOAs in the Phoenix area and Arizona, including Queen Creek.

Not only do we provide you with the best resources and services for your HOA, but we can also help you manage all of the intricacies of your business, something other management companies simply don’t always provide. We offer your HOA members online fee payment and can track these payments and how they are appropriated. We also stand as advocates of community CC&Rs, operating within your governing documents to accomplish any of your HOA’s overarching vision for a cohesive community.

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You can help your Queen Creek HOA and effortlessly save your board of directors a lot of work and stress by hiring us. City Property Management can guarantee efficiency and success. Find out by calling us at 602.437.4777 to see what we can do for your association. You may also email us anytime at info@cityproperty.com.