How HOA Community Management Benefits Everyone

Everyone BenefitsBecoming a board member of a homeowner’s association can be challenging to say the least, with all of the tasks, functions and documentation that you need to wade through to get things done. That’s why since 1979, Arizona’s City Property Management Company has been helping HOAs establish firm roots and efficient systems to manage their properties.

Let’s Talk About Community Management

Community management has evolved to become a ‘big picture’ effort. In the past, everything is slower, less efficient and more linear. Linear is limiting, to say the least. Why? Because each property under a HOA can have three, four or five things going at once. Multiply that with the number of residences or properties under your HOA and you get a picture of how important a centralized system is.

It’s time to get a company dedicated to community management.

CPMC’s most potent advantage is this: CPMC believes in working closely with all HOA clients so that regular and special tasks and goals are accomplished. Other companies offer restrictive, pre-made solutions that HOAs have to squeeze into. That’s no way to build a complete system.

Here are some of the services that HOAs will benefit from once they work with CPMC:

  1. We’ll assign a personal community manager to tackle the specific needs and issues in your area. As we’ve said before, HOAs have different needs. Our community managers are highly specialized in handling residential properties in Arizona. With this in mind, you won’t have to hold the community manager’s hand anymore: he/she will get to work immediately.
  1. Regular monitoring of properties is essential for staying up to date with possible repairs and compliance issues. When you need your properties up to spec all year round, you need someone to check on them systematically and you need this person to be organized, too. All relevant data will be passed on to the CPMC digital nerve center that you can access online on your laptop or through CityLink app that is available for both Android and Apple devices.
  1. Legal assistance is tricky (we all know this). But then again, CPMC has a powerful and effective network that will take care of your HOA’s legal needs for you. If you want those legal embattlements out of the way, our legal assistance will be there for your HOA whenever the need arises. You won’t have to dip your hand into any other network – everything will be accomplished in-house. No frills, no mess.
  1. Ever wondered how HOA board members would be if they knew all the things that they needed to know and do? We do. That’s because at CPMC, we not only know what to do to keep HOAs up and running smoothly, we also know how to train new HOA board members. So whether you want to know more about the digital network that is running data for HOAs in Arizona for CPMC or if you want to make HOA board members more adept, we have the solutions in place already.
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