Understanding More About the City Link HOA Mobile App

Arizona’s number one HOA management services provider, City Property Management Company, has now made it easier for homeowners, tenants and other clients to pay for their assessments through the CityLink HOA App 2.0.

What’s Up With This App?

In our day and age, relying purely on printed reports is out of the question. Offices have been going nearly paper-free for decades now. So why shouldn’t homeowners associations, their tenants, board members, etc., enjoy the same conveniences of going digital? That’s where City Property Management Company comes in.

The CityLink HOA App 2.0 provides two major conveniences to HOA board members and associated officials. First, it links to the central software system of CPMC.

This gives you unrestricted access to all kinds of assessments and reports that evaluate all kinds of projects and tasks from active, inactive, pending and completed. Imagine having all this great information on your phone. You don’t even have to open your laptop anymore – you can just download the CityLink app on your Android or iOS device, log in to your CPMC account and get started immediately.

The second major benefit that HOA board members will surely love is the ability to pay fees for services and assessments from within the app. The mobile app is connected directly to the main CPMC system and you can look at your billing details any time, too. We like to look at it as a very simple way of being available to all clients without even having to email or phone in.

What About Documents?

HOA documents – don’t get us started on them. Back in the 1990s when digital databases weren’t that efficient yet, everyone relied on sheaves of files and printed paper. Those days are now gone. Whenever an HOA board member/client access the CityLink app, he/she can request for relevant HOA documents online and view them within the same app. No paper, no mess!

More To Accomplish!

In addition to paying for assessments that CPMC does on a scheduled basis, the CityLink app has also been expanded to allow users to report problems with structural maintenance. If something needs to be looked at, then it’s part of the property management cycle. Let us add this information to your account so you can check how things are going in real-time. Yes – real-time.

We know that it sounds a little ‘off the charts,’ but CPMC has been around since the late 1970s. As such, the company while it may not be the biggest, certainly knows how to deliver highly personalized service to different HOAs. What this means is CPMC does not rely at all on “cookie-cutter solutions.”

A “cookie-cutter solution” is a ‘catch-all’ system. While some companies make use of this approach, CPMC doesn’t and for a very simple reason: clients have different needs and services have to be adjusted based on those needs. While there are similarities in needs, those are just broad similarities. The essential differences, the ones that tend to have the most impact, are revealed upon consultation with CPMC.

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