City Property Management is the Largest Local HOA Management Company in Arizona

City Property Management Company or CPMC has grown from its humble beginnings in the late 1970s to become the largest and most progressive community management company in the state of Arizona. CPMC loves local. This company loves local so much that it has strived for the longest time to develop systems that embrace Arizona HOAs easily. We believe in things that fit like a glove.

Or if something is amiss, we’d like to work closely with our HOA clients to see how we can make our services more personalized so everything just works better than before.

It’s The People

What really makes a great company? Is it the fancy technology? Is it branding or marketing? This is definitely not the entire picture. Through many decades of experience, we at CPMC have discovered that it is the human element that really makes the difference. What’s the secret to our people element? Two things that sound alike but are completely different in function: passion and compassion.

When you have passionate employees on board, you’re looking at knowledge, competence and efficiency rolled into one. You’re also looking at folks who love their jobs because they like making HOAs work better. It sounds amazing because it is. We have managed to find the best talents from around Arizona that also know the community management terrain like the backs of their hands.

Second, compassion. Compassion is knowing how to empathize to get good results. At CPMC, we don’t like anything that has been haphazardly put together. We don’t like cookie-cutter solutions to unique problems. Each HOA has specific problems and needs. We like to get into that zone to see firsthand what needs to be done. We then refer back to our existing system and see how we can best serve our clients.

How Do We Superpower HOAs?

We love technology to bits. And we’ve grown ours here in Arizona so that it best serves the HOAs that need our community management services the most. The CITYCYNC is the advanced network that drives everything forward, every single day. It is the brain and nerve center that makes HOA document search & retrieval and online assessment payments possible under one gigantic platform that is as efficient as can be.

We believe in the value and power of real-time data, too. What does this mean? Simple: when you work with us at CPMC, all the data that revolves around the effective monitoring of your HOA properties will be routed to your computer. We have a central portal that you can use to log in, check assessments, reports, and billing and sign out when you’re done. Quick, clean, and effective. It becomes that convenient because we’ve mastered what different Arizona HOAs need. They’re like a huge advantage that you will have with CPMC.

In addition to having access to legal consultants, legal support, monitoring, and even board round table, your vital data will be with you always.

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