Goodyear HOA Management Services

Goodyear, Arizona, has evolved enormously since its founding in 1917 when the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company bought 16,000 acres of land to grow cotton that would be used in tire cords.

Today, Goodyear’s present and future now includes a growing job market and neighborhoods that have sprouted from the suburb’s agrarian past. Amazon, Nike, and Microsoft have, or are soon to be, landing major footprints in Goodyear.

Most neighborhoods in Goodyear are established and organized through homeowners associations (HOAs). This puts HOA’s volunteer-based boards of directors at the helm of scores of subdivisions, as well as townhouse and condominium communities.

There is a lot of heavy lifting for HOA boards, who are responsible for managing their community’s finances, maintaining all common elements, and hiring contractors and employees.

City Property Management can lift those burdens and tedious tasks for your Goodyear HOA. We are an Arizona born and based company with a proven track record of managing more than 300 communities across the state. City Property Management will manage your HOA and have your community running smoothly so you and your fellow board members can focus on larger quality of life issues.

Our Goodyear HOA Management Services

Those responsible for running an HOA know the challenges, time consumption, and difficulties that can be associated with the task. They have the responsibility of maintaining community resources and amenities, including cleaning and repairing pools, open spaces, parks, clubhouses, and infrastructure owned by the community.

In addition to maintenance, HOAs must also make sure members are paying their monthly assessments, while taking actions against those who don’t pay.

To meet all those expectations, HOA boards and leaders must hire and manage accountants, bookkeepers, maintenance personnel, and even legal counsel and collection agencies. All those responsibilities require a great deal of time and it can be very difficult for appointed boards to manage all these services and stay organized.

This is where City Property Management comes in. We provide Goodyear HOAs with administrative and maintenance management services to help organize your community and ensure that everything is taken care of for its residents. This reduces the amount of responsibilities the HOA leadership personally assumes and allows them to seamlessly tap into all our resources and services. Some of our services and management of vendors include the following:

  • CC&R enforcement
  • Online bill-pay on our technology platforms
  • Collections
  • Recommendations for legal counsel
  • Accountants/Bookkeepers
  • HOA Board trainings
  • Landscaping repair/maintenance vendor management
  • Community amenity cleaning and maintenance (such as pools, clubhouses, and parks)

Why Hire Us for Your Goodyear HOA Management?

Simply put – because we are the best management company for your HOA. Your community will have dedicated and locally-based managers and staff to take care of all your community’s needs. We are a forward-thinking company with state-of-the-art technology such as our trademarked CityCync mobile app, as well as a workplace culture focused on diligent and professional service. That’s why City Property Management has won the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award since 2013.

Your Goodyear HOA can utilize our resources and personnel without the headache of employing your own staff. We can provide convenient payment platforms, personally send out necessary notices, and work within each HOA’s governing documents to provide personalized service for your community. We are also easily accessible whenever there is a concern or problem, so homeowners and board members alike can reach us directly to expect a fast and timely response.

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