Glendale HOA Management Services

Glendale enjoys a booming population of over 240,000 people. Over the span of about 50 years, the city has grown exponentially and continues to grow after the Arizona Cardinal’s home stadium was built there in 2006. As the city limits of Glendale have expanded, so has the need for housing. Developers and home builders have seized this opportunity to provide more housing for the increased demand. To do this, they created homeowners associations (HOAs) to accommodate the need for housing. These new communities now require Glendale HOA management services to handle all of the aspects of running a community.

What You Expect With Our HOA Glendale Management Services

While we provide HOA management and boards of directors with guided assistance and expert personnel to help them fulfill their duties to the members of their HOA, we also help contract companies to fulfill the physical responsibilities of HOA maintenance such as landscaping. Our Glendale HOA administrative services include anything that can assist the board of directors and organizational tasks of the community while our maintenance focused services include common area maintenance and the maintenance responsibilities of the HOA as described in the CC&R’s for the community.

Our administrative services are all encompassing and can help HOA leadership fulfill their responsibilities from fee collections to CC&R enforcement. Specifically, we have a robust accounting team to help with the financial aspects of your HOA, including collections, budgets, AR, AP, and a user-friendly platform for homeowners to make assessment payments. We provide board round table and education regarding the board’s responsibilities within their association.

To maintain the community’s grounds and common areas, we assist the board in hiring various vendors to perform community services such as:

  • Trash removal
  • Common area repairs
  • Landscape and tree maintenance
  • Pool services
  • Pest control
  • Large project management such as road or roof repairs

All of our services will ensure that you will have access to the best, most high quality HOA Glendale management services and that all of your needs as an organization are met.

Hiring City Property Management as Your HOA Glendale Property Management Company

We exist to make your life easier and to help your HOA run smoothly. For all the services you need as an HOA Glendale management company, please contact us today. Call our main office at 602.932.0715 to inquire about our services in-depth and to get a price based on your HOA’s needs. You can also email us directly at