Why Arizona Builders Are Using HOAs to Provide Housing

There is a building explosion in Arizona, particularly in Flagstaff, where the golf courses, parks, and temperate weather attracts more new residents every year. The area is unique in the number of homeowner association (HOA) communities according to USA Today, which ranks the state as number 10 in terms of the number of associations. Together, these two factors point to one phenomenon: Arizona builders increasingly rely upon HOAs to provide communities for their potential buyers. Associations will need help from Flagstaff HOA property management services with their heightened responsibilities if they want to deliver on the primary benefits home buyers seek.

More Amenities

When there are many households paying into a common fund, an HOA can offer many amenities that individual homeowners cannot – or would not – make an investment. In the Flagstaff area, communities enjoy pools, parks, golf facilities, green spaces, and much more. Some HOAs are even able to offer discounts on internet, phone, and cable services.

Better Maintenance

Having access to a dedicated maintenance crew enables communities to present a gorgeous, livable community to potential buyers. Better maintenance of common areas and amenities is a great advantage to residents of the community through various contracted services like landscaping, janitorial, and pool service.

Rules Make for Attractive Communities

Some homeowners want the freedom to use their property however they want. Others shudder at the idea of looking to neighbor yards filled with garbage, RVs, boats on trailers, and unused vehicles. Other reasons Arizona builders rely upon HOAs is to reduce the potential for unattractive exterior features, like chain-link fences and pens for farm-related animals. The community’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) dictate the HOA rules and strive to create a cohesive community.

HOAs Support Financial Stability

With help from a property management company that serves the association, HOA boards of directors, can put reserve funds into place for expected and unexpected issues. Common area repairs and capital improvements are inevitable, and having an association decreases the likelihood of additional assessments that homeowners are not prepared to cover.

Certainty in Settling Disputes

HOAs monitor, address, and enforce the rules of their governing documents, which gives homeowners – and potential homeowners that builders deal with – certainty. The association is a valuable resource for handling disagreements, so disputes do not turn into bigger, more expensive, legal action.

HOAs Foster Community

When neighbors contribute through participating in the HOA, they get to know the families and friends around them. Through their interactions, associations encourage homeowners towards a community-driven attitude, which is a great benefit for builders.

Increased Property Values

The above six reasons why Arizona builders work with HOAs boil down to one similar factor: They all support property value. Developers are businesses, so they thrive when their product succeeds.

Discover How Flagstaff HOA Property Management Services Can Help

These are just a few of the reasons why Arizona builders are using HOAs to manage the communities they build, but there are many more benefits to retaining Flagstaff HOA property management companies.  At City Property Management Company, we provide services that can be custom-tailored to your association’s needs and objectives. Please contact us at 602.437.4777 or visit us online to request a proposal.

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