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Over the past few decades, Flagstaff has experienced about a 1.5% growth rate every year, increasing by slightly less than 20 thousand people since the year 2000. Today, the city currently enjoys a population of 72 thousand people, and the number continues to increase. As more people have moved to Flagstaff and as families in the area have continued to expand, the demand for reliable housing has also increased. To ensure that residents of Flagstaff have safe, reliable homes and neighborhoods, many HOA Flagstaff communities have formed to accommodate the growth. To help the HOAs in Flagstaff, our team at City Property Management provides Flagstaff HOA management services.


We provide two general categories of services as an HOA Flagstaff management company. The first of these services includes training different HOA boards of directors and HOA leadership in different responsibilities to improve their community and help the members of their HOA. The second category of services includes providing the actual services that HOAs provide their individual property owners.

When it comes to administrative training and HOA Flagstaff management services, we have several services we provide:

In addition to the administrative services we manage for your HOA to run, we also take care of the other services you directly provide members of your HOA. These services depend on what your HOA is willing to offer its members, but often include city services, such as trash removal or utility maintenance, insurance for commonly shared buildings, such as condos, lawn care, road maintenance, home fixes, and even pest control. No matter the type of service you provide, when you hire us as your HOA Flagstaff management company, we will complete the job for you. We already have several contracts with vendors across all of Flagstaff to complete these tasks quickly at a cost-effective rate, reducing the HOA’s responsibility of contracting out these services themselves.


Your HOA Flagstaff organization will be able to do more when you entrust your management and HOA services to us. Contact us today for help running your HOA at 602.437.4777. You can also send us an email today at info@cityproperty.com.

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