Which Living Amenities Should You Consider Providing Your HOA Residents

Providing fun and community-inspired amenities, in addition to staying up to date with the current trends in home living, are among the best ways to attract home buyers in a homeowners association (HOA). If you want more people to consider living in your Arizona HOA, in addition to having a good Arizona HOA management company to look after your day-to-day dealings and finances, you will also want to consider looking beyond the primary conveniences that most HOAs offer. You will also want to promote your overall community appeal, raise the value of your property, and offer services that make living in the HOA worth it to would-be homeowners, in addition to helping current residents feel valued and appreciated. Below are some of the best community amenities that you can have as part of your HOA to boost the community’s appeal.

Family Amenities

Many families, especially young families, are often optimistic to be part of a great HOA. It is a fundamental responsibility of the homeowners’ association to provide excellent services and amenities that meet the expectations of homeowners and which are, by and large, beneficial to the whole family. One of the best ways to attract such homeowners is to ensure that there are sufficient playing spaces outside for children, such as small parks, jungle gyms, and child-friendly pools, as well as enough space for the activities parents may enjoy, such as a shared indoor workout facility or clubhouse.

Outdoor Recreation

Most people prefer outdoor activities to indoor activities. A great HOA will consider this when landscaping or expanding the HOA surroundings to ensure the HOA is beautiful and functional. It may be important to consider constructing biking or hiking trails around the property, a tennis court, basketball court, or even outdoor fitness stations.

Exercise Classes

Especially in the hotter months, most residents find it hard to keep themselves active in Arizona. HOA homeowners often need some motivation to keep themselves busy, and it may prove beneficial to host exercise classes to the resident to improve overall homeowner moral. An exercise series brings the community together and it can also promote friendships among the residents.

Dog Amenities

Dog amenities are one of the most sought-after services that an HOA can offer to its residents. Many families have dogs as pets, and many home buyers are often looking for dog friendly amenities such as dog parks or dog wash stations. Dog parks allow dogs to move freely without constrictions by a leash and can be an attractive amenity to homeowners that do not have backyards, such as condominium homes.

Environmentally Friendly Amenities

With the rising environmental awareness, most residents prefer living in areas with environmentally friendly amenities. It is vital for an HOA to make efforts and place recycle bins in the residential areas. Installation of water conserving sprinkler systems for the residents may also be a special consideration. It will save water expenses that, in the end, can save residents and the HOA money. Having a community garden may be able to accomplish these means too.

Internet and Computer

The internet is a crucial factor to consider. Most people will want access to affordable internet and other technological conveniences. If an HOA sets up a computer lab or other technology center for their HOA, it will serve as an added bonus to attract new families in the area. Another option is to ensure amenities such as clubhouses have access to free wifi for homeowners. Some newer developments are even adding home internet service and wifi to their amenities included in the assessments for the HOA.

The Takeaway

In ensuring satisfaction to its residents, it is essential to consider the availability of necessary amenities and the addition of amenities as technology or homeowner needs grow. To get help initiating community services for your HOA and to manage other necessary parts of your HOA, contact our HOA management services in Arizona today!

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