What is the HOA Board Member Election Process?

Homeowners’ associations (HOA) come with many different and interesting processes. One crucial process members of homeowners’ associations have to take part in is the election of a board of directors. It is important to understand the process of how the homeowners’ association board is elected and how members may participate since the HOA board will have the mandate to create rules, regulations, and enforce the governing documents, which all have an impact on the homeowners’ overall experience living in an HOA community. It is also vital for members to understand the election process because the elected members are responsible for ensuring a strong and success-driven community for all. Read all about it from our HOA management service professionals in Flagstaff.

HOA Board Election Process

The procedure for electing a board is usually contained within the bylaws, which differ from community to community. Generally, a homeowners’ association will endorse a set of bylaws that govern how the first board of directors will be elected and how subsequent elections will take place and at what intervals of time. Most bylaws will state how the directors are to be nominated by members of the homeowners’ association or self nominated. The bylaws also stipulate how many directors will constitute the board and also how vacancies will be filled if a director resigns. Usually, the HOA board of directors election happens at a designated time and place once a year. These meetings are called annual meetings or membership meetings. This kind of meeting is a review of the year and the election of the board with no normal business of the association being tended to by the exiting or new board of directors.

The bylaws also set forth how members are elected from within the board of directors to serve officer positions and which positions they will occupy. A standard HOA board of directors consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and a number of officers. In most states, the HOA members elect the directors who then choose the officers. Most HOA boards do mail or electronic elections to save on time and money.

Terms Limits for HOA Board Members

The HOA bylaws also stipulate the number of terms a specific board member can serve to allow fresh leaders to be elected in each term. However, there are also some set limits so that there isn’t a complete change of board members and officers in any given year which are typically referred to as staggered terms. Each community may have different board terms. Many homeowners’ associations just have the annual election of officers and stagger terms for directors so that only a few directors cycle off the board at any one time.

For an association to have an effective HOA board member election, they have to be directed by all the governing documents. Also, the community must ensure all the members of the homeowners’ association are up to date with election rules and processes to make the elections run smoothly and according to state requirements.

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