Introducing Core Values at City Property Management

Admin Appreciation Day was April 27th and we celebrated the day with fun team-building activities, goodies for our group, and a company introduction to our new Core Values.

At City Property Management we value our company culture and high level of care, so we’ve introduced ten Core Values as our collective guiding philosophy for exceptional service and sustained growth. These Core Values will act as our company’s moral compass and as continued encouragement to achieve our goals together.


We value our good reputation and understand we are accountable for our actions.


We actively participate in both company culture and client connections.


We’re always learning and strive to be the most skilled in the industry.


We are never above issues, rise to the occasion, and remember that we are here to serve our community.


We understand that if we don’t provide excellent service to our clients, someone else will.


We always do the right thing and strive for transparency with our clients and team.


We find solutions and are adaptable to our client’s reasonable needs and requests.


We win together, we lose together, and we work towards common goals together.


We serve our clients to the best of our abilities every day.

Fun, Fair, & Respectful

We expect a harmonious and light-hearted workplace with mutual respect for all.

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