How You Can Participate in HOA Board Meetings as a Homeowner in Chandler

The homeowners’ association board of directors is the governing body of your community and can have major impact on the people who live there. The HOA board holds regular meetings to manage the business of the association, though the type and frequency of these meetings can vary and can be confusing to some. Members of the HOA are encouraged to attend most meetings and sometimes participate in the decision-making process that protects, preserves and enhances their community’s facilities and, ultimately, their property value. Below are some kinds of HOA board meetings that you should participate in as a homeowner.

Annual Meeting

HOA’s annual meeting, also sometimes known as a membership meeting, is an essential meeting for any homeowner. It is held once a year, and it is where many major decisions are made. For instance, this is when the new board members and officials are elected. This is also when the board discusses the current state of the neighborhood, the objectives for the current year and the year’s financial budget. This is important for homeowners to see the big picture of their community. You also get a chance to put forward your suggestions, concerns, and comments.

Open Board Meetings

Throughout the year, the board meets regularly to discuss how the community is doing and make decisions on what needs to be improved. In Arizona, the law allows homeowners to attend regular board meetings. Homeowners are encouraged to attend these meetings to observe though homeowners are encouraged to participate in open forum and can provide input after a second motion of a vote on the floor. Usually, there is a pre-established agenda that is followed.

Homeowners Open Forum

In this portion of the open board meeting, homeowners present to the board their ideas, comments and suggestions that concerns the community. However, it should be noted that although important issues may be presented to the board, don’t expect the board to respond on these issues at this time. Many matters are handed over to management for further discussion and determine the best options available for resolving the problems. The more prepared the board is before making any decision, the better the resolutions.

Executive Sessions

Executive sessions discuss private and privileged information, such as legal issues, appeals for fines, disciplinary hearings, personal matters, payment plans, and foreclosures. This information is confidential and homeowners are not allowed to attend executive sessions per Arizona state law. However, if you are appealing a fine or violation, you may be able to attend the meeting to discuss your account and decisions made about your account.

Participating in the HOA Board meeting as a homeowner is a crucial role since you are getting involved in the decision making of the community that you live in. Make sure to be consistent in your attendance, ask questions, and introduce yourself to your neighbors also in attendance.

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