How to Sell Your Home in a Chandler HOA

Are you wondering how to sell your home in a Chandler homeowners association (HOA)? A good number of people usually give up on selling their homes in an HOA because they fear paperwork. However, they have no need to worry because the process is not as cumbersome as people view it. If you have made up your mind to sell your home, this article gives you all the information you need to know about the advantages of selling your home in an HOA.

Documents Required to Sell your Home in HOA

When planning to sell your home in an HOA, you will need to provide the buyer with several copies of important items. You should be ready for a little paperwork since most buyers ask for documents linked to your homeowner’s association. These include documents such as:

  • Special restrictions by your association such as parking, unit rental, and pet keeping
  • Use of the association’s maintenance fee paid monthly or the budget
  • Rules and regulations of your HOA
  • Up-to-date financial statement transactions with your HOA
  • Your homeowner’s association’s master insurance policy
  • A document confirming the home improvements you made were permitted by your HOA

If you are planning to sell your home in an HOA, ensure all the documents mentioned above are kept so that during the selling process you can produce them. In case you do not have these necessary documents, contact your homeowner’s association for copies. With help of your HOA management company, this process can be simple and easy.

Benefits of living in an HOA

Living in a well-managed HOA comes with numerous benefits. The great experience accompanying it should make it your first option when looking for a new home for you and your family. Some of these benefits include:

Peaceful and quiet environment – Homes managed by a homeowner’s association have set rules and regulations that all homeowners are expected to follow. The rules and regulations prevent any form of nuisance and encourage continuity.

Dispute management – An HOA can mediate disagreements among neighbors. For example, instead of you complaining directly to your neighbor about the shed in their backyard that is taller than it should be, you can contact the association who will do that on your behalf. Hence, avoiding quarrels between neighbors.

Presence of well-maintained amenities – Homeowners’ associations can ensure the environment around your home has both necessary and luxury amenities. For instance, sports courts, parks, strolling trails, and swimming pools. The association is also responsible for maintenance for these kinds of common areas.

Opportunity for bonding – Meeting in the communal amenities like sports courts and swimming pools facilitates communication among neighbors and as a result, growing friendship.

Protected values of property – Your homeowners association has rules and regulations that ensure continuity and therefor, maintain or increase property value. This ensured maintenance of common areas and regulations can be very attractive to potential buyers.

There are many more reasons why you should consider living in a homeowners association. They protect your property, give you the feel of belonging in a community, and much more.


As a home seller, the moment you get a potential buyer, allow them to ask questions and give them time to decide. Your real estate agent will be able to assist, as can your homeowners association by providing necessary disclosures and documents. Contact us for more information on how to sell your home in an HOA.

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