Custom Services

At City Property Management, we are proud to be Arizona’s most trusted HOA management company. We serve more than 300 communities and 100,000 residential units statewide. Our team is driven by integrity, strong work ethic, diligence, and adherence to the best practices in our industry. We are not a cookie-cutter HOA management company. Our experienced and dedicated HOA specialists offer custom services to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of your community. To request an initial proposal or to learn more about our custom HOA management services, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

We Offer Custom Services to Communities in Metro Phoenix and Throughout Arizona.

Caring Community Managers

We assign a community manager to every HOA property. Your community manager will be responsible for the specific needs and issues that are important to your community. At City Property Management, our team understands that no two homeowners associations in Arizona are exactly alike. Those one-size-fits-all solutions that are offered by other HOA firms are simply not good enough. Every community deserves fully customized HOA management services that are specifically tailored to suit their unique needs and concerns – your community manager will make sure that it happens.

CC&R Enforcement

Covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs) are  an enforceable legal document that outline the basic rules and limitations that are placed on individual homeowners within the HOA community. CC&Rs are complicated legal documents and they can include a wide range of different conditions and restrictions — from parking regulations to basic guidelines for homes or yards. We are committed to effective CC&R enforcement for your community. No matter the specific needs of your organization, our Arizona HOA management team has the skills and experience needed to offer effective CC&R enforcement services.

Common Area Maintenance

It is crucial that all members of an HOA community treat common areas with respect. Those shared spaces belong to everyone and help to improve the overall value of the community. At City Property Management, our team works closely with our vendors on common area monitoring and maintenance services. Whether it is security cameras in common areas, parking patrol, or the landscape maintenance, our HOA management professionals are here to help.

Legal Assistance

Homeowners associations are often required to deal with different complex legal issues. At City Property Management, our HOA management specialists can offer recommendations for counsel and manage the legal assistance that your association need. Concerns within a community can include regulatory and compliance issues, governing document changes, or legal disputes with individual HOA members or third parties. No matter the specific circumstances that are impacting your homeowners association, we are prepared to help.

Document Review

HOA documents can be complicated. Whether you are dealing with the official governing documents or rules and regulations, it is crucial that the community has a full understanding of these important documents. At City Property Management, we can offer professional document review services and work closely with the association’s attorney. As with our other customized services, our document review services are always fully personalized to meet the unique needs of every individual client and community.

Board Training Program

Running an HOA community is a challenging task and serving on the board of directors is a volunteered and elected position. Due to this, some homeowners are elected to the board not knowing much about HOAs, the governing documents, or best practices. To keep our boards informed, City Property Management offers our communities ongoing board round table workshops. We want to make sure that all board members in your HOA have the tools and knowledge to effectively lead your community. From teaching boards how to operate the latest software, to helping them brush up on state and local HOA regulations, our board round table program has your community covered.

Vendor Management

We offer fully customizable vendor management services to HOA organizations in Arizona. Our team of management professionals will make sure that all vendor issues are effectively handled and that the risk of disputes and liability is minimized. We always make sure that our clients and communities are being treated fairly by their vendors. Your community deserves the best vendor services at a fair and reasonable price. We have developed positive relationships with a wide range of reliable vendors in metro Phoenix and throughout Arizona and we can easily connect your community with the best available options

24/7 Maintenance Services

You never know when an issue is going to arise. Whether it is a large tree down in the common area or a flood in a condominium building, City Property Management has 24/7/365 maintenance services available through vendors we can recommend based on years of experience. Through our state-of-the-art software, all maintenance issues can also be reported in real time through our web portal or mobile app. If your homeowners association has had any prior issues with maintenance, our team is ready and eager to help.

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At City Property Management, we have provided top homeowners association management services to communities throughout the state of Arizona for four decades. We offer a wide range of custom HOA management services, from CC&R enforcement, to vendor, legal and real-time maintenance services. To learn more about what we can do for your community, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a proposal.

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