Considering an HOA with Online or Mobile App Fee Payment Options

Our Gilbert HOA management service company, City Property Management, has grown in recent years. This growth is attributed to the fast-rising demand for homes, leaving most land developers with the option of turning to homeowners’ associations. The homeowners’ associations aid the residents by providing managed clean neighborhoods. HOA Gilbert organizations are one of the most critical initiatives that has been brought to its real estate industry.

However, managing HOAs is a very time consuming and resource heavy exercise. Thus, a need to engage a company with an active online or mobile option is a great option for easy payment solutions and to bring an association into the 21st century. Homeowners’ association services are devoted to providing reliable and convenient payment options for you at any time, and this article explains the methods and importance of online or mobile app assessment payment options.

Pay now online

For a resident and member of an HOA that has contracted our Gilbert HOA management service company of City Property Management, they now have the ability to make online HOA payments directly from their phone. Using the mobile app, you can make payments directly through the electronic platform for ease and convenience. This new and innovative technology gives you more potential than ever before to set your HOA payments and forget about them.

Utilizing the app or City Property’s website has no cost or convenience fee. Other means to pay through a third party or your bank may carry charges and may not be as convenient as using the app or online payment option at City Property Management.  You can also pay by debit or by using a credit card online or through the mobile app. Another option, is using an e-Check with a one-time electronic funds transfer by use of ACH debit from your savings or checking account from any financial institution based in the US.

Stress-Free Payments With Automatic Bill Pay

As a Gilbert HOA Management Company, City Property Management also has the capability of offering automatic bill pay as a free option through the website or mobile app. In this case, the direct payments are from your savings or checking account issued by a financial institution based in the US. This ensures stress-free assessment payments that will always be on time.

Take Advantage Today

Using online payment systems is convenient for members of Gilbert HOA Management Company from all aspects. This enables you to make payments quickly and to save you time. Members can inquire with City Property Management for all details and directives on online payments.

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