Tempe HOA Management Services

Tempe, Arizona, is a thriving, creative, and innovative community that has quickly become of one of the fastest-growing technology and financial services hubs in the country. Tempe is home to Arizona State University and great amenities, as well as shopping and experiences from the Tempe Town Lake area and bustling Mill Avenue. Tempe also has great communities and neighborhoods. Some developers and communities have turned to homeowners associations (HOA) to help better manage their neighborhoods. Whether it’s a new or existing community, managing an HOA can be an overwhelming task for its members.

At City Property Management, our goal is to provide Tempe HOA management services to any newly formed or established HOA in the area. We take on the managerial, operational and administrative aspects of running the HOA effectively and efficiently. That allows HOA leaders and boards of directors to focus on maintaining and improving the quality of life in their communities. We are an Arizona-based company and have been honored by the Phoenix Business Journal with its ‘Best Places to Work’ Award since 2013.

How We Help Run and Manage Your HOA

At City Property Management we help HOAs with administrative management and maintenance operations. Administrative management entails operations in which HOA boards of directors generally engage. We can do all those tasks for you when you contact us as your management company. These tasks can include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping work for collecting and appropriating HOA fees and dues
  • Acquiring and managing legal counsel for real estate or homeowners’ rights disputes
  • Enforcing CC&R and making sure all the residents are abiding by the community’s rules
  • Training the board of directors to know how to manage meetings, complaints, etc.

There are many other tasks and duties under these responsibilities, and our HOA management system provides administrative help for all of them, including in-house accountants and bookkeepers assigned to your accounts, CC&R enforcement, and electronic bill pay for HOA dues.

In addition to the administrative arm of an HOA, there are scores of operational and maintenance services City Property Management can take over and handle as well. We will take care of the hiring and management of vendors that perform duties such as:

  • Servicing roads and street sweeping
  • Amenity maintenance and cleaning including painting and handyman services
  • Landscaping and turf care

We can also hire maintenance specialists as part of our team, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing onsite personnel if needed at your community.

Why to Rely on Our Tempe HOA Management Services

City Property Management is the best management company you will be able to find for your homeowners association because we exclusively manage HOAs in Tempe and the greater Phoenix area. We have a proven, customer-focused track record and by calling us today at 602.437.4777, we will be able to consult with you about the best course of action we can take to manage any part of your HOA and mitigate the stress that your responsibilities carry. Also, feel free to inquire about any of our services by emailing us at info@cityproperty.com.