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One of the most recognizable “shining stars” of the Southwestern United States is Arizona, also known as the Copper State or the Grand Canyon State. Every year, people flock to the Grand Canyon State for a rare glimpse of nature’s majestic splendor. Nothing compares to the hikes and treks offered by Arizonan national parks. To add to this is the wonderful sunny weather which is consistent throughout the year.

Arizonan climate is well-balanced with plenty of sunshine for those who wish to escape long winters. Winters in the Copper State are shorter and milder and excess snowfall are rare occurrences. Don’t worry: if you came to Arizona to ski, you can easily find ski resorts because one region of the Copper State receives a little more snow than the rest. It’s fairly easy to see that Arizona is a well-balanced state in terms of climate and the cities and towns are fairly progressive, too.

The state of Arizona has over 112,000 sq. mi. of total land area but less than fifty percent of Arizonan land has been committed to private development. The rest is untouched and pristine nature and the state has continually shown its desire to keep it this way. The cities and towns are large enough for continuous infrastructure development and there has been no major slowdowns in recent years.

The last official census has actually shown that nearly all towns and cities in Arizona have enjoyed population growths which means people are streaming into the Copper State to live and work here. A stable state economy requires people and that is exactly what Arizonan metropoles have been receiving since the 2000s. Many towns in this state are ranked high in terms of growth prior to the 2000s and the state population is nearing the 5 million mark today.

Tempe is one such economically formidable city in Arizona. Bordered by Phoenix and many other cities, Tempe is the place to be if you’re interested in travelling to all the major cities in Arizona easily. Located in the large country of Maricopa, Tempe used to be the central locale for a large national airline (American Airlines) before the company decided to relocated to the state of Texas. Tempe is a fairly modern city, boasting a sizeable population of more than 150,000 Arizonan residents. This city is also a seat of higher education as it is home of ASU (Arizona State University).

If you’re familiar with Arizona history, you would know that the early settlers in this state were able to tame the desert more easily with the help of the ancient Hohokam canals that bisected the desert landscape. Tempe is the seat of the most number of Hohokam agricultural canals and the local council considers these canals a local treasure. Make sure that you visit the canals when you drive to Tempe, AZ!

Property Management for HOAs in Tempe, AZ

Are you a board member or official of a HOA (homeowner’s association) in the city of Tempe, AZ? Are you tired of having no clear way to get organized, despite the fact information should be the backbone of a HOA’s daily tasks? Enter City Property Management Company. Based on our current research, CPM is the only property management firm in the state and quite possibly the whole country that has been able to combine conventional property management practices with a special database/network that directly serves the needs of HOAs.

In addition to providing traditional services like legal consults and collecting funds, CPM also provides unbridled access to CITYCYNC, a powerful and well-designed network that can store and provide all kinds of HOA data with a touch of a button. From fund collection reports to compliance updates, the CITYCYNC was built from ground up by the City Property Management Company to provide absolute convenience to HOA board members and officials so that vital decisions can be made fast.

We know HOAs are tired of paperwork: CPM harnesses the power of the Web to connect HOAs and even the homeowners themselves so that new information and notifications are passed on to the right people in real time. No more gaps and lags – just an efficient way to do business the way you want it. In addition to the conventional portal that you can access through the Web, CPM has also designed a mobile app so you can take all that vital information with you and access it through any mobile device running Android or IOS. So when it comes to adaptability and sheer convenience, you know which property management firm to call.

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