Scottsdale HOA Management Services

Scottsdale is one of the greatest places to live in the country. This Arizona city is known for its high quality of life through its parks, hiking trails, art, shopping and golf courses. Our goal at City Property Management is to help you and your Scottsdale HOA maintain a high quality of life for your community and residents.

What HOA Management Services Entail:

Our team at City Property Management provides a full range of services that take over and manage the responsibilities of an HOA. This alleviates boards of directors and HOA leaders of burdensome administrative and maintenance tasks. We free up their time, so they can make executive decisions about the HOA and to focus on working with their neighbors on improving quality of life at their community.

Our services include:

  • Accounting: We have accountants who take care of members’ dues and monthly fees as well as assist in paying all of the association’s bills. That means your HOA does not have to hire outside accountants to handle day to day financial business but only enlist those costly service in the case of complex accounting needs, like an audit.
  • CC&R enforcement: City Property Management has best practices and systems in place to encourage and effectively inform HOA residents of community rules and how to abide by them. We have technology that makes it easier to provide residents information on their CC&R’s and their violations quickly.
  • Maintenance: We have strong relationships with many vendors and trades in the state and can recommend and manage their work at your community. This includes maintenance on items such as clubhouse facilities, pools, parks, and fitness centers.

Enlisting our services will help you alleviate the pressures of managing these kinds of things yourself. City Property Management also manages all vendors and we have the professional resources you and your community will need for any situation at our disposal.

Why We Are the Right Choice

One of the top benefits we bring to you and your HOA organization is that you will not need to personally handle the hiring or firing of employees who maintain the HOA and vendors. City Property Management is the only company you will need to cover your service needs. Your HOA and its board members will have access to our experienced personnel and we offer technology platforms for easy bill pay, as well as a mobile app.

Contact Us Today

Contact us to help you manage your Scottsdale HOA.  Our dedicated team will give you the benefits of professional HOA management experience and quality services coupled with the ability to help your HOA members and leadership spend less time overseeing your HOA. Let us help your HOA run seamlessly and more efficiently and call us at 602.437.4777. You may also send us an email at