Located in the shadows of the San Tan Mountains in northern Pinal county, the aptly named San Tan Valley is one of the newest communities in the area. Though technically considered an unincorporated community and not a traditional city or town, family-friendly San Tan Valley has been growing alongside its East Valley neighbors in recent decades and shows no signs of stopping.

While previously grouped in with neighboring Queen Creek for postal service reasons, in 2009, the unincorporated community adopted the name San Tan Valley. As of the 2020 census, San Tan Valley has grown to just under 100,000 residents and the area has accommodated by creating many homeowners associations (HOA) that entice families or those looking for a quiet suburban life with plenty of old Arizona charm still lingering.

Even though there is room for more growth in the area, existing San Tan Valley HOAs are plentiful and almost all of them require professional HOA management services. A San Tan Valley HOA needs to look for a reputable Arizona property management company with the resources and experience needed to make communities flourish. City Property Management has worked with San Tan Valley communities, so we know how they’re unique and how best to serve them.

Who We Are

City Property Management is a homegrown and family-owned HOA management company that has been serving Arizona communities for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, innovative proprietary technology, and dedication to doing what’s best for the communities we work with. With our team’s copious experience and accountability through our technology, City Property Management can be a great fit for any kind of San Tan Valley HOA.

What We Can Do For Your San Tan Valley HOA

Maintaining an HOA is no easy task, but we’re always up for the challenge. At City Property Management, we want to ease the minds of the boards we work with by handling all administrative duties and tasks with our full team that includes customer service, financial services lead by a CPA, and our knowledgable community managers. Together, they can handle all administrative aspects of your San Tan Valley HOA. Here are some examples:

  • Management of legal representation
  • CC&R and other policy enforcement
  • In-house collections
  • Strategic planning
  • Architectural request processing
  • Board training
  • Full accounting services
  • Board & homeowner portals for transparency
  • Online or automatic payments for convenience

While administrative duties are vital to keeping an HOA running smoothly on the backend, the amenities and common areas of the community are what’s visible to the homeowners, the public, and potential homebuyers. At City Property Management, we manage the vendors that perform work at the communities we serve and we utilize our technology to ensure accountability from all sides. Our unique vendor portal allows community vendors to receive comprehensive work orders to properly address concerns, provides oversight to ensure vendors complete their contractual duties, and requires they maintain the proper insurance needed to protect the community they’re performing work at. Here is just a sample of the services and vendors we manage for communities:

  • Pool services
  • Landscaping
  • Tree trimming
  • Roof repairs
  • Painting
  • Pest control
  • Asphalt and road repairs
  • Tot lot services

Get in Contact Today

Do you need to find a San Tan Valley HOA management company but don’t know where to start? Contact City Property Management today at (602) 437-4777 to see how we can provide exceptional and comprehensive HOA management services for your community.