Gilbert HOA Management Services

Gilbert is one of the fastest-growing and desirable places to live in Arizona. This isn’t surprising, as Gilbert is known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, great restaurants, and top-performing schools. Many new and existing communities have created HOAs to help provide for and maintain clean and vibrant communities that can increase property values.

Though HOAs can be a great benefit, managing it can be time consuming and difficult work. The tasks associated with running the community end up being handled by the HOA’s board of directors and leaders. However, City Property Management can take on and manage your HOA’s operational and administrative roles and bring the top quality service you need to keep your community running smoothly.

How We Will Manage Your HOA

City Property Management provides a full slate of services that help HOAs and their leadership maintain and improve their communities’ quality of life. Our team also lifts logistical and bureaucratic burdens from HOA boards of directors so they can focus on community needs and improvements instead of the day-to-day tasks.

Our experienced and service-minded team at City Property Management helps HOA leaders oversee and accurately account for membership fees and CC&R enforcement. But we can also offer:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services from qualified CPAs
  • Recommending attorneys specializing in HOAs
  • CC&R enforcement
  • Easy pay technology platforms for collecting membership dues
  • Board training

Our operational services include items HOAs sometimes provide their members included in their monthly assessments through managing the appropriate members. This can include:

  • Road maintenance
  • Amenity maintenance (pools, clubhouses, parks)
  • Landscape and/or turf maintenance

Our team at City Property Management helps ease administrative and operational burdens for HOA organizations and their leaders. We hire qualified staff and vendors to complete the jobs you need in a timely manner and make your community a great place to live.

Choosing City Property Management is the Right Choice

The first benefit you will recognize is that City Property Management personally employs everyone who will assist with your HOA management. That means you will not need to worry about hiring or firing individuals to maintain your property. You will have our full-service, community-minded team to handle your needs instead of having to coordinate with several different companies. City Property Management also offers easy bill pay technology for homeowners and we are easily accessible by phone, email, or in person.

Contact Us Today

City Property Management offers your Gilbert HOA professional and service minded management for your community. We allow your HOA board to spend less time needing to oversee administrative and operational tasks and more time focusing on community leadership and quality of life.

Let us help your HOA run seamlessly! Call us at 602.437.4777. You may also send us an email at