Fountain Hills HOA Management Services

Fountain Hills is best known for having one of the tallest fountains in the world against a stunning backdrop of its picturesque desert mountains. The area has seen housing growth for families, retirees and snowbirds, alike and is also drawing interest from residents who work in nearby Scottsdale. Just as Fountain Hills and other Arizona communities have grown, so have homeowners’ associations. HOAs have become a well-established way of helping communities offer amenities to residents while keeping up neighborhoods, common areas, and property values.

The responsibilities of running an HOA in Fountain Hills and other communities falls on the volunteer boards of directors and leadership. At City Property Management we lift those burdens and help ensure a thriving community by offering great service and proven management for all your administrative, maintenance, and operational needs.

The Services we Provide Fountain Hills HOAs

City Property Management offers your HOA an administrative and labor force management system to help you streamline the business of your homeowners association and mitigate any concerns a board may have. Instead of hiring numerous separate, individual companies to perform HOA duties or taking on operational duties yourself, you only need to hire our diligent management team and we can take care of the rest.

City Property Management is an Arizona based company with a proven track record. We provide HOA management services to more than 300 communities across Arizona. Our management company offers two types of services to HOAs: 1) administrative management and 2) vendor and maintenance management.

Our administrative management services include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services to track members’ fees and fund appropriations
  • Recommendations and management of hired legal counsel
  • CC&R enforcement
  • Technology platforms for easy HOA membership bill pay and announcement delivery system
  • HOA board round tables
  • Collections representatives

We have a knowledgable and dedicated team that will help you organize and prioritize the most important aspects of your HOA responsibilities so you can spend less time worrying about day-to-day administrative operations.

City Property Management also offers management of all the necessary maintenance and upkeep services HOAs commonly provide their communities by utilizing our long list of qualified vendors and managing their work for the community.

Our maintenance management services include but are not limited to:

  • Large project management for road paving, roof repairs and more
  • Managing vendors to maintain pools, parks, clubhouses
  • Landscaping and turf care
  • Managing HOA member complaints

Why Choose City Property Management for Your Fountain Hills HOA

At City Property Management, all our services are crucial for proper management of your Fountain Hills HOA. Our hardworking managers and staff will make all your responsibilities much easier to handle. When you choose us for your management company, you will get something unique: 40 years of experience solely helping Arizona HOAs achieve their goals and run smooth, successful communities.

We have experienced, Arizona-based team members and managers as well as the latest technology platforms and a forward-thinking workplace culture to take your HOA and community to the next level. You don’t have to do this alone. Make life easier and call us today at 602.437.4777 or email us at for more details about the services that are right for you.