Chandler HOA Management Services

Chandler, Arizona, has grown tremendously over the years. Chandler has evolved from a farming population, to a bedroom community, and now, into one of the top technology hubs in the western United States. Chandler is home to Intel and other large technology companies, with Google’s Waymo unit also testing self-driving cars in the area. This east valley suburb is also home to a top shopping mall, Chandler Fashion Center, and has a growing restaurant scene.

Within all of the new growth, Chandler has numerous communities that are part of homeowner associations (HOA). Running and managing an HOA can be challenging and time-consuming, with many moving parts of operations, maintenance, and finances.

Elected volunteer HOA board members can be overburdened or at a loss on how to manage their Chandler homeowner association effectively.

City Property Management can ease those burdens offering Chandler HOA management services encompassing all the aspects of maintaining and serving your community. City Property Management is an Arizona-based company with a 40-year proven track record of diligent and superior management services to more than 300 communities across the state.

What We Do for Your Chandler HOA

City Property Management can offer a full slate of administrative, financial and maintenance services to Chandler HOAs.

Our administrative services help HOA boards oversee operations and help them in running the business side of their community. These services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Online bill-pay for HOA members
  • Management of legal representation
  • Recommendations for certified accountants and bookkeepers
  • Professional and diligent collection processes
  • HOA board round tables
  • CC&R and other policy enforcements
  • Counsel on how to use and appropriate HOA funds received from members’ fees and dues according to your HOA’s governing documents

Our maintenance services include hiring and managing employees, contractors and vendors. We lift tedious and time-consuming tasks from your HOA’s shoulders so you can focus on quality of life. Our maintenance services include managing:

  • Community property maintenance (pool cleaning, road repairs, maintaining clubhouses, gyms, and repairing and cleaning other community amenities)
  • Landscaping and turf maintenance

We completely manage all HOA projects so you don’t have to worry about hiring or contracting workers to perform different tasks. This management is a part of City Property Management’s service package to you. By using us as your HOA management company, you aren’t just purchasing services but a whole program and team. We are a forward-thinking, customer-focused company that has repeatedly won the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” Award. City Property Management will run any part of your HOA for you and help you provide the best community experience for all your Chandler HOA members.

Why You Should Consider Our Management Company

City Property Management is unique. We have worked with HOAs for 40 years and we are diligent in providing crucial HOA services to Chandler homeowners. We provide quality management and are always accessible to you and the members of your HOA if you have questions, concerns, or requests. By hiring us as your management company, you can tap into all the resources City Property Management has, which can save you and your HOA time and money. Our team will make your Chandler HOA run smoothly and efficiently.

Get in Contact Today

City Property Management will make sure your neighbors and HOA members are happy and will have well-maintained neighborhoods. We will work with your organization under your governing documents to ensure excellent results and a happy community. Your Chandler HOA can call us at 602.437.4777 to learn about our full slate of services and how we can help your community. You may also send us an email at