Casa Grande HOA Management Services

As one of the southernmost suburban areas of Phoenix, the city of Casa Grande is where over fifty-five thousand Arizona residents call home. With a lingering rustic feeling, more and more people have been moving to Casa Grande in recent years, bringing with them modern and urban development. Land developers in the area have taken advantage of Casa Grande’s boom and started developing more planned communities and homeowner’s associations (HOAs) to provide the city’s residents with well painted communities and neighborhoods. To help HOAs manage their communities and provide the services they need, boards of directors of associations have turned to City Property Management, to provide them with superior HOA management services in Casa Grande.

Casa Grande Management For Your HOA

Here at City Property Management, we are a management company that oversees all the operations of your HOA. We exercise professional management services and deploy our time-tested processes to ensure your association runs smoothly and effectively. The services we provide are encompassed into two main categories: administrative and property management. With our administrative services, we provide your HOA with all the customer service and vital operations it needs to function and operate efficiently. With our property management services, we oversee amenities and maintenance that HOAs commonly provide their members and community common areas.

Our administrative management system includes, but is not limited to, these following services:

  1. Accounting and financial
  2. Assistance obtaining legal counsel
  3. CC&R enforcement
  4. Innovative technology
  5. Online association due collection
  6. Collections and lien processing
  7. HOA board of directors training
  8. Customer service with 24/7 emergency assistance

Our maintenance and property management services include:

  1. Managing landscape of common areas
  2. Repairing common areas
  3. Managing common area cleaning and pool cleaning
  4. Overseeing large projects like road repairs

These are just some of the services offered with our property management, and the best part is that we have an amazing team helping along the way. We also oversee all vendors that perform work for the community. City Property Management streamlines your management, focusing your oversight on only one entity, and giving you time to focus on other tasks.

Getting in Touch With Our Casa Grande Management For Your HOA

In considering hiring us as your Casa Grande HOA management service provider, just remember that you will be able to access all our resources which will ultimately make your HOA members happier and will save you money in the long-run. We optimize your management system to ensure your HOA is running smoothly and effectively. Call us today at 602.932.0715 or contact us by email at to get started with City Property Management.