Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Buying a Home with HOA Fees in Phoenix

If planning to buy a home in the Phoenix Area, you will notice that most of the communities built after 1990 have a homeowners association. The HOA do have restrictions and guidelines set by the original builder and the fees vary by community and the amenities offered. Depending on the governing documents, the association fees may be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually. However, you should not worry about purchasing a home with HOA fees in Phoenix because there are numerous advantages of living in an HOA community.

  • Reduced maintenance responsibilities

A homeowner’s association collect the fees from its members and those fees help reduce maintenance responsibilities within the community. Every member does not have to spend time and other resources to care for their lawns, maintaining playgrounds and trails, and even the painting of community walls. In return, the community can showcase its glorious beauty and appeal to any visitor.

  • Free use of amenities

Living in an HOA community also gives residents the privilege of using the community amenities. Residents will get to use the amenities the community has like swimming pools, social halls, barbecue pits, courts, and sports facilities. These amenities are used for free by the members for their recreational and socialization purposes.

  • Proper handling of disputes

Misunderstandings may arise between neighbors. This is a common fact in any neighborhood or community. But while living in an HOA community, you are guaranteed that disputes are handled appropriately and resolved in a proper manner and according to the community’s governing documents. In term, facilitating friendship and unity among neighbors. Complaints against the shared facilities, amenities, and other community issues are also settled with the help of the homeowner’s association.

  • Facilitates interaction among residents

It is crucial for neighbors to know each other. Having neighbors who are also friends is an advantage in times of emergencies and wonderful in times of celebration. In a HOA community, regular homeowner’s meetings and socialization events are held for the residents to interact and know each other. There are sometimes also welcome parties to introduce new residents to the entire community. This is also helpful in promoting neighborhood security since residents can easily identify outsiders.

These are just some of the benefits that you are about to reap once you decide to live in a community where a homeowner’s association exists. You can contact one of the board members and be informed about all the HOA before purchasing a house and becoming part of the association.

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