Why Are There So Many HOAs across Phoenix?

If you are looking for a home in the Phoenix area, one of the first details you will note is the number of communities with homeowners’ associations (HOA). In fact, Arizona ranks tenth among states in the US for HOAs. The trend is not surprising. There are considerable benefits that residents within HOAs enjoy, especially when they retain Phoenix HOA property management services to assist with administrative tasks and maintaining the association. Here are just a few of the advantages that you experience as a resident of an HOA neighborhood.


Many residents of HOAs will tell you that a primary benefit of living in a community are the fabulous amenities. The climate in Phoenix means residents can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round. However, the cost and maintenance of pools, parks, walking paths, tennis courts, and similar facilities put such features out of reach for many. When you split the expenses with your fellow neighbors, you have easy access to top quality, well-maintained amenities any time.

Sense of Community

People are drawn to certain neighborhoods for their own reasons, so you are more likely to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in an HOA. With a traditional residential setting, you never know who could be living next door. You get a sense of community with your HOA neighbors when you share the same values and goals. If you have children, you can seek a family-friendly community. Adults may want a quieter setting among people their own age. Plus, residents are more likely to participate in governance and issues that are important to the community.


HOAs implement covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) regarding how homeowners can use property and common areas. The CC&Rs are mandatory, so they create consistency with the look and feel of the neighborhood. Depending on the specifics for the neighborhood, the CC&Rs also prevent residents from:

  • Allowing property to deteriorate
  • Adding features that do not fit in the overall theme of the community
  • Storing unsightly vehicles or other objects
  • Parking on sidewalks or streets
  • Causing disruptions
  • Painting homes an unattractive color
  • Many other common-sense restrictions

Increased Home Value

The above advantages lead to a very important benefit as a result. The fair market value of your property can be higher when you live in an HOA, as compared to a similar home in a comparable, non-HOA neighborhood. The amenities have value to others, even if you do not use them. A community mindset is attractive, whether you are seeking a family-friendly environment or want to live in an active adult setting. With the CC&Rs, you can be sure that your property value will not depreciate due to a next-door neighbors Christmas decorations in July.

Call for More Information on the Benefits of Phoenix HOA Property Management Services

These are just a few of the advantages of living in an HOA community, and there are many more when you find the right fit for your new Phoenix home. For help with your search, please contact City Property Management Company at 602.437.4777. We can tell you more about our management services for area communities.

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