What Are the Rules and Regulations of the HOA in Scottsdale, AZ?

Documents - City PropertyEach homeowners association (HOA) and multifamily property is unique. In Scottsdale and all throughout Arizona, you will find various HOAs. Each one may have different laws. There are many rules and regulations that HOAs have and here’s a look at some of them.

Water Use

HOAs need to monitor water use. Normal water use may vary based on factors such as landscape type, occupancy rate, building age, and irrigation systems. Scottsdale Water offers water use budgets, rebates, and water efficiency tips. Excess water use may occur due to factors inside or outside the properties, such as leaks, and it’s important to know how to look for them.

Arizona Planned Communities Act

This act governs HOAs in Arizona and details various matters pertaining to planned communities. These include such as HOA management, assessment collection limitations, the maintenance of HOA records, and the requirements for meetings.

Arizona Civil Rights Act

Arizona and most other states have laws in place to protect homeowners against housing discrimination. The Arizona Civil Rights Act safeguards Arizona residents from prejudice regarding jobs, housing, and public accommodations. Article 7 of the act prevents discrimination due to color, sex, religion, race, or national origin.

Rights and Responsibilities of an Arizona HOA

An HOA is in charge of administering and maintaining communal spaces as well as enforcing community rules. They have the authority to collect homeowner dues to pay for these services.

HOAs also need to hold regular meetings, keep financial records, and provide members with transparency.

HOAs can impose regulations in order to preserve property values and neighborhood appeal.

However, they must do so within the confines of state and federal legislation. Keep in mind that the powers and obligations of an HOA may differ from one HOA to another based on the bylaws and governing documents of the community.


In Arizona, an HOA may penalize a property owner for breaking its rules. It may also levy reasonable penalties for failing to pay dues on time. In both circumstances, the HOA must provide sufficient notice and allow the member to plead their case.

For late payments, an HOA in Arizona may charge $15 or 10% of the amount owed, whichever is greater. Assessments are only considered late after 15 days.

HOAs are not allowed to fine a property owner for doing the following:

  • Putting up the Arizona state flag
  • Displaying the flag of an Arizona Indian tribe
  • Raising the Gadsden flag
  • Exhibiting the U national or military flag
  • Setting up antennas and satellite dishes
  • Installing solar energy devices

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Each HOA is different and each one may have different rules and regulations, based on location and other factors. Managing all the rules can be challenging for an HOA to do on its own.

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