Understanding HOA Bylaws and How HOA Property Management Services Work Within Them

As a homeowner or board member of a homeowners association (HOA), there are many tasks that you can count on Chandler HOA property management services to provide. There are certain legal requirements under Arizona and federal laws on homeowners’ associations, and these companies are dedicated to ensuring compliance. Plus, they can assist with preparation, enforcement, and oversight of HOA bylaws, which are an essential governing document. A synopsis should help you in understanding HOA bylaws and how HOA property management services work within them.

Overview of HOA Bylaws

In general, the bylaws of an HOA contain the provisions on the board of directors, internal governance, and the operation of the association. There are terms regarding voting and other rights of owners. The bylaws also include the conduct, elections, and responsibilities of members of the board. Chandler property management companies support the efforts of relevant parties by providing services for HOA boards of directors, and helping owners understand the role of the HOA.

Common Provisions in HOA Bylaws

Once you grasp how bylaws work, you may find it useful to review some of the specific rules, conditions, and other provisions within the document.

  • Annual Meetings: HOA directors are required to conduct an annual meeting for homeowners, so the bylaws will include the details on how to notice, call, and conduct the proceedings.
  • Meetings of Members: If homeowners want to call a special meeting outside from the annual occasion, there are also rules on providing notice and managing the event.
  • Meetings of the HOA Board of Directors: Members of the board are entitled to call their own meetings regarding HOA operations, amendments, changes in director positions, and related matters. The bylaws will include details on when and how they can make the arrangements, and whether the meeting is open to homeowners. This can also be dictated by state statute as well.
  • Powers and Duties of Board Members: Directors must comply with federal and state law, as well as regulations at the local level in Chandler. However, the bylaws are intended to be more specific on the topics where board members are authorized to act. In addition, the document will also describe the obligations with which these individuals must comply.
  • Membership of the Board of Directors: The bylaws should define the process for electing or replacing a member of the board of directors who chooses to leave voluntarily. There will also be terms regarding removal of a member of the board for violations of Arizona law or other misconduct.
  • HOA Officers: Some HOAs elect to appoint officers to act on behalf of the association, though some will assign the duties to members of the board. All issues regarding officers, including election, duties, removal, and others, will be stated in the bylaws.
  • Amendments to HOA Documents: The bylaws are a foundational document for HOAs, but circumstances may require amendments in the future. When the situation arises, the bylaws will provide the details on passing amendments.

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