Tips on Choosing an HOA Management Firm That’s Right For You

Selecting an HOA management firm in Arizona can be a daunting task if you don’t know exactly what the best firms can offer a homeowner’s association.

It’s not so much that there’s a shortage of such companies or firms but you certainly wouldn’t want to sign up for an incomplete service package, would you? In Arizona, one of the most dependable of such firms is the City Property Management Company or CPMC.

Though this company certainly is NOT the largest it is the fastest growing and the best-loved of all the AZ property management firms because of its unique offerings, which you can also use to compare this firm with other AZ firms:

  1. Comprehensive Tracking – Tracking water and power bills can be a headache without an automatic and centralized system. CPMC takes care of the tracking and makes the data available to its clients 24/7. And this leads us to the next item…
  2. All-Access Client Portal – When people think of an “online portal” they usually think of a simple website where updates are posted manually. Well, this is NOT the case for CPMC’s central nervous system, which is aptly called the CITYCYNC.This service is virtually unmatched in the AZ market because no other firm has integrated as many features and data into one powerful portal. And the best thing about the CITYCYNC is that it’s meant to be open to all kinds of clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that’s still not the best thing of all. The portal can be customized by the client to fit his/her needs. Homeowner associations have very specific needs and if you’re an HOA official you would want to see certain data FIRST before all else.That’s where the customizable dashboard comes in. You simply have to experience the ease of use yourself!
  3. Data Like No Other – A HOA would be grappling with countless problems without access to the real-time data. Before the Internet, real-time data meant making endless phone calls to service providers, companies, contractors, lawyers, accountants, etc. Maybe you’re still doing some of the “legwork” up to now. But what if we tell you that by working with CPMC, much of the dreaded legwork needed just to get vital, real-time data will evaporate?This becomes possible through the centralized approach in data gathering that all CPMC clients enjoy. Whether you have ongoing repairs or there are votes to be cast on new policies or guidelines, CPMC will always be at your side, delivering all vital data as they arrive. So all you really have to do is log in to your CPMC account and view your client dashboard. It’s that easy and that comfortable to stay abreast of everything’s that happening in your HOA.
  4. Powerful Training and Services – City Property Management Company also provides more conventional packages such as in-house accounting and legal counsel. Maintenance? Don’t worry about it! This firm also provides board round table programs should you need them.
What Is Arizona HOA Management?