The Best Amenities to Look for in Your Arizona HOA

Perks of an HOA

Whether you live in a homeowners’ association or a condominium association, the best HOAs of today offer more in community amenities than ever before. If you value the lifestyle you want your family to have, then you might consider moving to an HOA in Arizona with great amenities. Some of the master-planned communities will ensure that the perks of your new home extend well beyond the boundaries of your property.

Consider your Lifestyle

Beyond the obvious variety of factors like proximity to your workplace, shopping, and schools, there are many more factors to look at and choose from. To find a community that best suits you in Arizona, study your lifestyle. Do you have children or not? Are you newlywed? Do love to spend your time jogging outside with your pet or you prefer exercising in a gym? It doesn’t take a lot of research to find the amenities that suit your personal life. A wise buyer will begin this research early in the buying process. They understand that they’re not only buying a house, but it’s also a whole new community they’re embracing.

Water amenities

Many developers are investing more in establishing better amenities for home communities in Arizona. Many common items are pools, ponds, or fountains. Other styles that cater to people of all ages are being embraced by developers like beach-style entry pools with a gentle sloping finish instead of steps.

A larger community will appeal to a broader type of buyer by having multiple pools. Some communities in Arizona also offer sports complexes and aquatic centers. Splash pads and tot lots are designed for small children with their fun and safety in mind. Olympic-sized pools can attract teams for casual laps, games and friendly competitions.

Environment-conscious amenities

Developers are starting to be environmentally conscious by promoting green lifestyles in the community by incorporating amenities like bike and walk-friendly environments. Some communities may even offer bike ride-share programs for homeowners. Additionally, energy-efficient and LEED-certified buildings continue to be a hot spot for homebuyers, with community gardens, urban farming, and modern farmer’s markets also increasing.


There are many more amenities coming up today than ever before in HOA communities in Arizona. With some thought, you’ll realize that your neighborhood is the epicenter of your life activities and that of your family. In the modern homeowner’s community, a homeowner should look for a place where all aspects of their life will mesh into that of the community and amenities can play a large role in this.

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