In-House Collection

At City Property Management, we have more than four decades of experience serving HOA communities throughout Arizona.

Our Phoenix-based homeowners association management firm is committed to helping our clients effectively manage their finances and for this, we have a diligent and experienced team of in-house accountants that offer a full range of collection services for your HOA.

City Property Management is ready to help your HOA when some homeowners become delinquent with their financial obligations and monthly payments. In some cases, homeowners may simply be a few weeks behind on a monthly payment; in other cases, HOA members may have significant financial obligations. City Property Management has the tools and experience needed to solve a wide variety of collection issues. To get more information about our in-house collection services or all of our HOA management services in general, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

In-House Collection Services We Offer to Communities in Arizona

Dedicated Collection Manager

Individual HOA members may not always pay their dues on time – this is where our in-house collection professionals at City Property Management can make a world of difference. Whether your HOA board is dealing with a few members who are simply a month or two behind on their payments or dealing with several severely delinquent homeowners, our dedicated professionals are here to help. Overdue accounts can cause serious financial stress for your community and we use flexible and proactive approaches to get the best results for our communities and clients.

At City Property Management, we provide the communities we serve with a dedicated collections manager. First and foremost, our collections team will handle all financial issues so that board members can spend their time on more pressing community matters. In addition, our collection managers always use best practices to protect the financial interests of the association.

We are one of the largest HOA management firms in the state, serving more than 300 communities statewide. Our Arizona born and grown HOA management firm offers

fully customized collections services. Our team always operates using the guidance of each individual HOA’s policies and procedures regarding late payments and delinquent accounts. The City Property Management team is also extremely diligent in handling collections issues. We carefully record all relevant financial documents, communications and records to ensure that overdue payments are collected in a timely manner.

Facilitating Payment Plans

Our in-house collections team understands that homeowners may run into some unexpected financial challenges. We are prepared to help our clients — the homeowners association — by facilitating payment plans that work well for all sides. In some cases, a reasonable payment plan is the most efficient and effective way to ensure the timely collection of overdue financial obligations. Keeping this in mind, we will always craft payment plans in accordance with the specific rules and procedures adopted by each individual homeowners association. However, in some cases, payment plans may not be appropriate. Every issue must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and our in-house collections team will work to ensure that any payment plan is fully consistent with the objectives of your community.

Lien Filing

In some cases, a homeowners association’s collection efforts may need to be escalated. Our in-house collection managers always look for opportunities for payment plans and payment arrangements, when they are the most effective option. But, sometimes filing a lien may prove to be necessary — particularly if an individual HOA member refuses to make payments or defaults on an agreed-upon payment plan.

Homeowners associations generally have the legal authority to place a lien on the property of a delinquent member. The lien process is an extremely complicated one, but our in-house legal team at City Property Management has extensive experience handling a full range of collection issues, including working with legal counsel to file liens against delinquent HOA members in Arizona. 

Board Collection Training

The collection of overdue HOA fees is complex. Under Arizona law, there are important rules and procedures that your HOA board must follow when undertaking collection efforts. If your HOA fails to abide by these regulations, it could make the collection process more difficult, or worse, result in your community facing a major lawsuit. City Property Management has a proven track record in helping HOAs across Arizona, including collections, and this is where our in-house team can help. At City Property Management, we have created a specialized board collection training program to help you and your community. We will make sure that your homeowner’s association operates under the best collection practices and has the right policies in place.  Our team of experienced HOA management professionals is more than happy to take the time to train all board members on the full range of collection issues.

Collections Database

At City Property Management we use advanced software and technology to help our clients. We maintain a detailed collections database, as one of the keys to effective collections is careful and thorough record keeping. Through our databases and technology platforms, your HOA board will have full access to all information related to collections, including how much specific members currently owe the community and the status of ongoing payment plans. City Property Management is a technology driven company and our HOA collections technology is state-of-the-art and user friendly.

Small Claims Administration

If your homeowners association needs to foreclose on a lien, our property management company is prepared to handle all aspects of small claims administration. Under Arizona state law, the general foreclosure process for HOA liens is like the foreclosure process for mortgage lenders and it is important that your homeowners association board recognizes that Arizona is a judicial foreclosure state. Judicial foreclosures are typically more time-intensive than non-judicial foreclosures. Our team members have the skills and experience to work with the association’s attorney to handle all aspects of HOA liens and small claims administration. We are fully prepared to protect the legal rights and financial interests of your HOA.

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At City Property Management, our team is committed to providing the best homeowners association management services to our communities. Our company serves communities throughout Arizona, including in metro Phoenix, Tucson, Pinal County, Flagstaff and Yuma. City Property Management offers a full range of services, including in-house collections and enforcement. To request an initial proposal, please contact us right away.

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