How You Can Go About Changing a Rule of Your HOA in Scottsdale

Effecting Change in Scottsdale

If you’ve ever lived in a community association in Scottsdale, then you understand that there are times when change is the only way forward. There are several ways you can go about trying to effect these changes before considering other extremes like selling and moving out or filing a lawsuit. You have to keep in mind that these are your friends and neighbors you’re dealing with. You may still have to live with them long after the legal processes are over.


To change the rules that govern an HOA in Scottsdale, you must first understand how the homeowner’s association was put in place in the beginning. There may be a good reason why those rules exist that you may not be aware of.

Find out as much as you can about the whole process, from infancy to completion. The motivation for making the change should be reasonable and rational. It should be for the benefit of all and not for individual purposes. Find a deep-rooted, valid reason that will agree with most of the residents in Scottsdale.

Cost factor

Get your hands on as much information as you can. Find out how much the process will cost in terms of money, time and other resources, like campaigns. For instance, an actual change to the CC&Rs is an expensive process and it will need to involve professional consultations with an attorney to make a reasonable decision.

It will also require mailing all homeowners individually about the proposed changes, and sending out ballot boxes to vote. Additionally, you should have a general idea of how much time the process will take.


An HOA is incorporated, just like a business. This means that every property owner within that community association in Scottsdale, acts as a shareholder unless stated otherwise. Thus, changing the rules will most likely require a certain percentage of the “shareholders” to vote for the change to take effect.

In other cases, only the board is required to change the rule. The easiest way to change these types of rules is to run for election to the board of directors. Otherwise, you will need to know and convince your neighbors of the need for change.


Existing HOA rules need to be updated from time to time to keep up with the changing needs of society. The process is likely to be a difficult one and is going to take a while. You might also consider relying on the services of an experienced manager in Scottsdale. But if it will impact the community in a positive way, and is something that the residents want and legally possible, then it most likely will go through.

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