How to Organize HOA Meetings Effectively for your Community as a Board of Directors

Some communities have a stronger sense of community than others. A neighborhood’s culture and sense of community depend largely on its HOA. That includes the residents’ perception of the HOA, how organized the HOA’s meetings are, and how responsive the HOA is to issues that matter to the residents.

For help organizing your HOA meetings, work with a Gilbert HOA property management services provider. An HOA professional can bring your board of directors up to speed on what to do, how to do it, and just as importantly, what not to do as an HOA. Before your HOA can effectively guide the neighborhood, you need to effectively organize its meetings. Here are a few tips that can lead to better HOA meetings for your community:

Keep it Organized

It may be obvious, but its importance cannot be overstated: your HOA meetings need to be organized, and they need to be consistent. Sometimes the governing documents even state how often the board of directors needs to meet.  Another part of keeping it organized is to have everything ready for the meeting before you start. That means things like agendas, board packets, and other materials needed to run an effective meeting.

Stick to the Agenda

Do not let your HOA meetings get off-topic. Create an agenda for each meeting and use it to guide the conversation and actions. When other members get off track, gently bring them back to the agenda.

Keep it Professional; Keep it Positive

HOA meetings are not the place to play politics. As a board member, it’s important to set an example for everybody in attendance by keeping the conversation focused on topics pertinent to the community. It’s also important to keep the conversation positive. There will be times you need to discuss uncomfortable or potentially upsetting topics, but these topics should be dealt with in a positive, solution-focused manner.

Keep it Under Control

As the board of directors, it’s your job to keep HOA meetings organized and under control. Determine beforehand how you’ll handle rowdy and disruptive community members – simply allowing them to disrupt meetings will turn other community members off from participating in future meetings and it will send the message that the board of directors is not really in control.

Get Help from Professional HOA Organizers

Organizing HOA meetings isn’t easy. When you need help organizing HOA meetings that effectively serve your community’s needs, work with an HOA services company that has experience doing just that. Contact City Property Management Company today to set up your initial consultation with one of the organization experts on our team. Whether you just need a few questions answered or help to draft a complete HOA meeting plan, we’re here for you.

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