How Home Repairs Work in an HOA in Gilbert

Many people love living in well-planned unit development (PUDs) which are organized neighborhoods. The PUDs can offer great amenities like clubhouses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Part of living in such a community, however, is that once in a while, you may be required to improve the appearance of your home or expected to make other home repairs. Our Gilbert HOA management services team has a lot of experience helping homeowners’ associations and its residents make the proper updates and home repairs they need based on their community’s governing documents. Keep reading to see how home repairs work if you are considering a home in a Gilbert HOA.

Get Planning Permissions

Home improvements always change and add value to your homes. When it comes to items like adding an addition or building a shed, however, these things must be passed by the HOA first. Because of specific zoning requirements and rules set forth in the governing documents, any change to a home is subject to planning permissions. Most Gilbert HOAs may even require you to obtain approval with the association first before making any landscaping changes. Even though approval is needed from the HOA, the homeowner is most likely responsible for any cost. Occasionally, there are items that are the association’s responsibility to maintain and repair. From leaky pipes to new siding, check with your HOA management services to see what you have to cover and what the HOA is willing to help with.

Community Repairs

As part of most HOA communities in Gilbert, there are many common areas and amenities that residents can enjoy. From pools to recreation centers, these amenities offer plenty of fun and interesting things for the community to enjoy together. If any common area or amenity is in need of repair noticed, residents should contact their Gilbert HOA management so that they can make the proper repairs or address any concerns. Community projects and repairs are funded through residents’ individual HOA fees, so any type of upgrade or fix can be taken care of by the community itself, especially with the help of an HOA management team.

Your Part in HOA Repairs

Whether you are seeking a new home in a Gilbert HOA or simply looking for different options for home repairs and renovations, we hope this has been an insightful look into how general repairs are made as part of an HOA community. Our company of City Property Management has helped hundreds of HOAs across Arizona manage their responsibilities by providing and managing all of the necessary professionals needed in an HOA community. If you are searching for a Gilbert home within and HOA, be sure to see if we help to manage the community. If you are part of an HOA board of directors in Gilbert or another surrounding area, give us a call today to see how we can help you make your HOA management services and repairs easier.

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