How HOA Management Works to Provide Resident Services

The purpose of an HOA is primarily to manage the finances and shared interests in a residential community, but this is not all an HOA does. A homeowners association (HOA) can also be tasked with organizing community events and handling neighborhood concerns. A Chandler HOA property management services company can make these tasks easier for an HOA by providing the support and software necessary to perform its role. Below we list a few of the key ways HOA management works to provide residential services.

Coordinating Community Maintenance and Repair Services

In a planned community, part of the appeal is the neatly manicured lawns and the well-maintained roadways and common areas, like a clubhouse, playground, tennis courts, or swimming pool. HOA management coordinates maintenance and repair services with local contractors to ensure that these features are always in good condition for residents and guests.

Rental Management

In many communities, some houses or condos are rented out. Many governing documents include provisions about the minimum time a lease can be for. Typically this is no less than 30 days. Also, the community’s rules may state that any owner renting their home must inform management and provide proper documentation such as the renter’s name, contact information, and the length of the rental.

CC&R Enforcement

A covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&R) document is a legal document that outlines the rules and limits in place at a community. It can include restrictions like:

  • Aesthetic guidelines for homes
  • Parking rules
  • Noise level restrictions
  • Square footage limits for individuals considering adding onto their homes or building new homes within the community

Part of an HOA’s job is to enforce the rules included in its community’s CC&Rs. This includes resolving disputes between individual residents and the HOA regarding the CC&R’s terms. It can also explain the CC&R’s rules to residents when misunderstandings arise.

Keeping Residents Informed

Community residents need to be informed about issues that affect their communities, like criminal incidents and municipal utility shut-offs, as well as more mundane facts like the trash pickup schedule. An HOA can issue community alerts via email, text message, or through its own proprietary app so residents are always informed.

Another part of keeping residents informed about issues that matter to them is making all community documents easily accessible. HOA management companies can do this by creating and maintaining secure resident portals that enable residents to access documents like:

  • Assessment payment histories
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Financial statements
  • Maintenance and work reports they’ve made and their status
  • Contact information for relevant parties
  • Governing documents for the community

Effective HOA Management Builds Stronger Communities

Providing effective HOA management is not always easy. Your board of directors can make it trouble-free for your community by working with a Chandler HOA property management services company to manage the tasks associated with HOA management. Get started with City Property Management today by contacting us to set up your initial consultation. Our team can answer your questions and point you toward the support you need.

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