Why Homeowner Associations Hire HOA Property Management Companies

Running a homeowner association without outside help may work out just fine for a small community but it is difficult if not impossible for larger communities to operate smoothly without assistance. This is where an HOA property management firm steps in. It can handle the things that the association board can’t keep up with. With so many demands and so little time, it’s common for homeowners associations to use a property management company to help get things done. Here are just a few of the many benefits an association will receive by hiring a management company.


#1 – Establish and Build Good Relationships
When things need to get done and you need to hire contractors and laborers you can rest assured that the management company will be using well-established companies with good reputations. The property management firm makes sure that all of these contractors are paid on time in order to establish long-term relationships with them. In many cases, the property management company has already built up a relationship with contractors and they know that they will get paid in full for the job and on time.

This makes a difference for the condo owners as well as for the board. You can rest assured knowing that the jobs will get done as planned and the resident’s needs will always be fulfilled with the right contractors on the job.

#2 – Maintenance Calls Can Be Handled Promptly

It’s often hard for a homeowners association to keep up with the maintenance demands that sometimes pour in all at once. This is one of the main overall complaints of residents that are living in an HOA community. When something breaks down they expect it to get fixed immediately and when you have a firm managing the property you’ll see faster results. A management company can also help when you are running up against a backlog of requests while new ones continue to stream in.

#3 – Avoid Payment Collection

Collecting payments from owners can be a very simple process when they pay on time every month. The problem arises when certain residents fail to make their payments and need to be chased up. This is a time-consuming process that can turn into a nightmare if the resident is actively avoiding you or simply doesn’t have the money to pay. A property HOA management team will stay on top of the collections and handle any outstanding payments.

#4 – Access to the Latest Management Software

It can be difficult for a homeowners association to keep up with the latest technology for property management. Since this is our field of expertise, we always use the latest state-of-the-art software. This allows us to keep on top of management tasks and ensures that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. It’s hard for a homeowners association to do this all on their own when it doesn’t have access to the latest software.

When it comes to running an entire community you’ll need to make sure that your management requirements are in safe hands. When you’re looking for the right property management company in Phoenix, Arizona, think of us first. We cater to homeowners associations that want the best for their residents and don’t want to settle for second best.

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