Common Rules You Will Find in Most Phoenix HOAs

An HOA is precisely what it is termed like — an association comprised of the homeowners in a community. If you purchase into a community with an HOA, you accept to live by the set of rules as described in the covenants, conditions, and restrictions, or the CC&Rs. These rules are distinctive to every HOA and can comprise maintenance and landscaping needs for the exterior of the residence plus restraints on larger community rules, such as street parking. The HOAs come with obligatory dues that are used to maintain the community and manage it. This article covers some of the common rules you will find in most Phoenix HOAs.

Pet Rules

HOAs have a reputation for effecting pet regulations, especially with regards to non traditional pets. Whereas some HOAs do not regulate pets of any kind, many require specific rules to ensure all members of a community are respected when it comes to others’ pets. You may encounter pet amount limitations, weight limits, or species restrictions. Some of the rules included in the governing documents may mirror municipal restrictions as well.

Rental Rules

Investors necessitate recognizing that their renters shall be dependent on the same CC&Rs as everybody else. Many homeowners selecting to rent out their property should, and are sometimes required to, alert the HOA management in Phoenix. Any  renters or residents should anticipate to stand by the HOA rules and regulations that are in position. The homeowners, in the end, are the individuals responsible to ensure the community’s CC&R’s are followed by their renters.

Fee Obligations

HOAs are often necessary to maintain amenities and offer the best living experience possible. That being said HOA management in Phoenix requires oversight, and thus fee obligations. The assessments collected are used for maintaining the community but also for the professional management of the community. If for nothing else, these dues permit HOAs to ensure the protection and maintenance of the neighborhoods and uphold what they think to be suitable living situations.

Maintenance Standards

More frequently than not, HOA management in Phoenix is required to conserve a community’s curb appeal. It is not characteristically conventional to disregard routine upkeep (like watering the lawn and mowing), as it destroys the visuals of the community, but sometimes the HOA must step in and enforce their governing documents regarding maintenance. Maintenance standards within the CC&Rs for the community include common areas and homeowner spaces, such as yards. Having HOA management in Phoenix can help to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Getting Help with HOA Management

Whether you are reading this as a current HOA resident, someone considering renting into an HOA, or an HOA leader on your board of directors, consider contacting City Property Management with questions about helping your HOA. We provide services that manage your HOA and help you understand the roles, responsibilities, and your HOA’s CC&Rs.

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