5 Myths about HOAs in Gilbert

When you are looking to purchase a home in Gilbert, you can expect friends, family, and co-workers to become self-professed experts offering advice on where to live, how much to spend, and the location of the best school districts. They may warn you to steer clear of communities with homeowners’ associations, even without having first-hand experience. Before you make your home buying decisions based on misinformation, it is important to talk to actual experts at Gilbert HOA property management services who can separate truth from fiction. You limit yourself unless you debunk these five myths about HOAs.

HOA Rules Cannot Be Changed

The fact that a provision has been included in the CC&Rs or other governing documents for years does not make it permanent. If you disagree with a rule, you can conduct some research and determine the best strategy for bringing it to the attention of the board. You may even find that other homeowners, HOA officers, and Board members will agree with your point of view. Outdated or irrelevant provisions and rules that do not align with recent changes in state or federal HOA laws should not be included in the HOA rules anyway. Typically, with a vote of the membership, the CC&R’s can be amended.

HOAs Slap Homeowners with Ridiculous Fines

The only reason a homeowner could incur a fine is by violating the rules, policies, or items within the HOAs CC&R’s. Under such circumstances, it is misleading to call the fines “ridiculous,” just as it would be to complain about the ticket you get for speeding. Though most associations provide a non-monetary warning prior to a violation fine being issued, ensuring you adhere to the guidelines set forth for you community can eliminate any cause for concern to begin with.

You Lose Your Freedom as a Property Owner

It is true that the rules, regulations, and CC&Rs include limitations on how you can use your property. However, these provisions greatly benefit the community as a whole. Your neighborhood is more attractive, consistent in its appearance, and free of unsightly features. Overall, living in an HOA and complying with reasonable restrictions tends to increase your property value.

HOAs Require Expensive Updates to Your Home

You may need to expend funds to make improvements to your property as requested by the HOA, but these amounts should really be considered an investment in your home. Plus, staying in compliance with rules and CC&Rs is not expensive if you engage in maintenance projects on a regular basis. Pride in ownership does not have to cost a lot if you make periodic improvements based upon sensible budget.

Homeowners Have No Say in Management Issues

Though the HOA Board of Directors is tasked with operations, homeowners do get a voice. The Board is elected by residents, so they can express their opinions through voting and attending meetings. Getting involved ensures your voice is heard and can have a strong impact on how the Board makes decisions.

Experience Community Benefits with Gilbert HOA Property Management Services

There is little truth to many myths about living in an HOA, so you should speak with knowledgeable professionals regarding your questions or concerns. For more information, please contact City Property Management Company at 602.437.4777 or visit our website to learn more about our services for Gilbert HOAs.

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