Avondale HOA Management Services

Homeowner associations (HOA) began to spread in the 1950s and 1960s – a little after Avondale, Arizona, was incorporated as a city in 1946. Now, Avondale has grown from a farming community into a family-friendly place to live with great master-planned communities and neighborhoods. Avondale is welcoming more restaurants and offers residents great parks and recreation to enjoy. HOAs don’t just offer benefits to its residents but also the city, land developers, and the home builders. Due to this, Avondale developed more homeowners associations as its population began to expand, and today there are many HOAs that serve communities throughout the city.

HOAs help communities in their efforts to be safe, clean and thriving. The appointed or elected board of directors within a homeowners association assume many responsibilities and tasks to make sure all of their HOA member’s needs are met and to ensures fees and funds are correctly and efficiently spent.

This is where City Property Management can step in and help HOAs manage all the critical services and operations needed to keep their communities running smoothly. City Property Management is a homegrown Arizona company that manages more than 300 HOAs across the state and is one of the largest HOA management companies in the state.

Our HOA Management Approach

There are two basic types of management services City Property Management provides to HOAs. We will manage the administrative arm of your association and the operational aspects to help ease the burdens of HOA leaders. These include hiring individual companies and employees to carry out operational duties as well as tracking membership fees and their appropriation. To ease the pressures associated with administrative duties, City Property Management can provide these services:

  • Recommendations for certified bookkeepers and CPAs
  • Hiring and managing Legal counsel
  • CC&R enforcement
  • Online HOA fee bill pay and announcement notifications
  • Trainings for HOA board members
  • Collections proceedings for unpaid dues prior to attorney involvement

Our communities are personally staffed with local professionals who will handle all your HOA needs so you won’t have to hire or outsource various operations and vendors. City Property Management helps your HOA so you won’t have to take on those arduous duties alone.

We also streamline and handle the vendor management process for homeowners associations. City Property Management will hire and manage the vendors or employees who help make your Avondale community clean, safe and vibrant. Our dedicated, honest and hardworking staff hire vendors or employees that can perform:

  • General facility and amenity upkeep (such as gym cleanliness, carpet cleaning, maintaining the clubhouse, cleaning pools, etc.)
  • Community residential maintenance (electrical, plumbing, painting, etc.)
  • Landscaping / Lawn Care
  • Responding to and resolving HOA members’ needs/concerns

Our reliable and responsive team at City Property Management will execute the day-to-day management of your community, freeing up HOA board members’ time to spend on quality of life and other issues important to your community.

Choose Us As Your Property Management in Avondale

The services City Property Management offers our local HOAs are crucial for proper management, which is why so many communities have already invested in us as their HOA management company. When you come to us, you are receiving quality care. We set ourselves apart by offering you 40 years of management experience to achieve your goals in a smooth and successful manner. To improve your Avondale HOA, call us today at 602.437.4777 or email us at info@cityproperty.com where we can provide you with more details about our services that are right for you.