Surprise HOA Management Services

It’s easy to see why Arizona (otherwise known as the Grand Canyon State) is the shining star that beautifully represents the American Southwest: beautiful sunny weather that permeates the state nearly all year long, well-preserved national parks and progressive cities with rich histories.

Every town and city in the Copper State has rich linkages with agriculture and many of the larger cities still benefit from the olden canal systems that have allowed people to tame the desert and grow important food crops in it. Arizona shares its heritage not only with the Southwest but also the Western US because it is part of both territories. It is ranked fourteenth of all the states in terms of population and the yearly population boom of even the smallest urban villages in the sister cities is testament to the allure of the Grand Canyon State.

Surprise, Arizona is one such city that shows so much potential because of its consistent economic and population growth. Surprise covers more than 85 square miles of land area. Less than 5% of the total territory is water. If you’re coming in from Phoenix, you’ll be covering about 20 miles before you reach Surprise, AZ.

As of latest census, Surprise has ranked 2nd in terms of population in its county (Maricopa) with nearly 10,000 individual families. The first palpable population boom occurred in the early 2000s when droves of retirees sought Surprise because of the availability of homes in an age-restricted community. Sun City Grand calls itself an “active adult” community that caters to homeowners that are at least 55 years of age. The minimum age requirement is 45, but the majority of Sun City Grand homeowners are at least 55 years old.

The city of Surprise consistently prides itself in having the lowest property tax rate in the entire Copper State. This being said, it’s understandable why a whole spectrum of developers have flocked to Surprise since the early nineties. Homeowner associations in Surprise, AZ would benefit greatly from finding and acquiring the services of a top-notch property management company that has been around long enough to know exactly what HOAs need to function efficiently and effectively.

When people think of efficiency, especially when it comes to management of properties, collection and even accounting, it’s easy to think that the biggest “must” be the best. While property management firms can deliver, companies without public shareholders offer the highest degree of adaptability – something that all HOAs need because of the constantly changing landscape of home ownership. Enter City Property Management Company: the property management firm that your HOA deserves.

With many years of solid service and experience under its belt City Property Management prides itself in being able to really focus on what matters to HOAS: the community. CPM has handled countless HOA clients since its humble beginnings and it is now fanning out to all the powerful towns and cities to find HOAs that need property management that can completely handle the needs of homeowner associations.

CPM offers all its clients its powerful roster of traditional services and its very own CITYCYNC network. The CITYCYNC network is a vast array of data management services that will enable HOA board members and landlords to access data in real time. You will be able to see work progress reports, collection reports, real-time status updates on current voting activities and even read disclosure packages from your computer.

CITYCYNC serves every HOA client, not just a privileged few. Once your HOA needs are under the safe wings of City Property Management, the massive “nervous system” of the company will integrate your HOA’s data and begin its work of keeping you updated. Guesswork is eliminated and tons of paperwork and manual follow-ups are relegated to the backburner.

City Property Management has always been forward-looking and so it has already set its sights on the mobile Web. CPM’s dedication to being always abreast of the present and future needs of its clients has spearheaded the rapid development of the City Property Management mobile app, which can work in both Android and Apple devices.

“The App” as it has been affectionately called, brings the power of the main CPM nervous system to the very hands of board members and other HOA officials. From your tablet computer or cellular phone, you will be able to not only track data but also perform active tasks such as vote-casting. The data that will be shown in “The App” will be synergistically harmonized with data shown in the main portal, which is accessed through a personal computer.